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Combat Veteran Owned & Operated


Local Quality Redefined.

Craft Dinanche Products made from the strictest standards -
from our family farms to your family table.


All Products

Locally-made, with the highest quality

Made from only the best locally-grown and sourced materials – even our packaging. Read all about our commitment to quality and supporting local.

Chili Peppers

A true Local Jerk.

In Guam, everyone wants to be a jerk.

Meet the original Local Jerks,

and discover the company they founded.

Local ingredients

Locally-sourced jars







  • What can you eat Dinanche with?
    It pairs great with soups, marinades, dipping sauce for all kinds of meat and seafood.
  • Is there an expiration date?
    Dinanche - 1 year shelf life Jerky - 6 month shelf life Jam - 1 year shelf life
  • What type of meat do you use for beef jerky?
    Top round beef
  • What stores are you available in?
    We are available in a variety of stores islandwide! Please visit our Retail Partners page to see all available stores.
  • Where do you ship?
    We can ship anywhere.
  • What does Donne Sali mean?
    Donne means "pepper" in Chamorro. Donne Sali is the specific type of pepper we use in our dinanche.
  • Do you do sell them in larger-sized jars?
    The largest size we offer is 8oz jars due to shipping.
  • How can I carry Local Jerk products in my store?
    We are always happy to work with new vendors and establish a great working partnership. Please contact Marvin or Christina at (671) 864-0805 or email

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