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How to Make the Ultimate Dinanche Grind Grilled Chicken Wings at Home

Game day, BBQ, fiestas, and much more, be their grill master for these events.

Fire up the grill and bring out your notepads because we are making another recipe video for you.

This recipe is a super easy and inexpensive way to ensure a very juicy and tender chicken wing. The secret is in letting it marinade overnight. The longer you let it marinade the more depth of flavor your chicken will have. We preferred to use the dinanche grinds cause the flavors are subtle yet you can taste the garlic and onion flavor profile. The acid from the lemon in the dinanche grinds also allows for the meat to become tender when cooked.

This is a healthy alternative to eating fried chicken wings or dousing your chicken wing in buffalo sauce that is full of sodium. Our local jerk dinanche has only four ingredients: Blended peppers, onions, garlic, and lemons. Our dinanche is unique in that we do not use any preservatives and try to keep our dinanche organic and as simple as possible. We pride ourselves in using the freshest of produce all grown here locally in Guam.

Step 1: Gather your ingredients

For this recipe it calls for a few simple ingredients you can get at your local grocery store

  • Chicken wing

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • Local Jerk Dinanche Grinds

Step 2: Marinade

Our advice is to at least marinade for a day but you can marinade for a minimum of an hour of maximum flavor.

  • Start by washing and patting your chicken dry.

  • Put your dried chicken into a Ziploc bag

  • Put a generous amount of salt and pepper and lightly massage the chicken usig the bag

  • Open the bag and put as much dinanche grinds till your ancestor says stop

  • Leave it in the fridge overnight or for a couple of hours to marinate

Step 3: Grilling time

  • Place your chicken skin side down first

  • Leave it on for two minutes

  • Move the chicken around to ensure even cooking

  • Cook for another two minutes before flipping

  • Let your chicken rest for five minutes

  • Enjoy your hard work

Follow these easy steps and wow everyone with these tender, flavorful wings. If you prefer spicier wings you can opt for the OG Dinanche, you can find them on our online store. Try out all three different flavors by buying the Local Jerk Sampler, which is a cheaper option to try out all the different dinanches we offer, Giving your family and friends more wing flavor options. Treat your family and friends to this dish and do not forget to serve with a side of dinanche as well. Happy cooking!


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