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Spice up Your Meals: 5 Unique Ways to Use Dinanche

Are you tired of using the same condiments over and over again? Well, CHamorus never tire of their traditional condiment called dinanche. Dinanche is a chili paste that is unique to the CHamoru culture. This one-of-a-kind paste is commonly used throughout the island of Guam. Made from donne’(pepper), coconut milk, and veggies, this trendy paste is known for its unique flavors. This is one of the most inexpensive ways to elevate your meals to the next level. Now, let’s dive into these quick and easy ways that you can use dinanche. 


If you’re planning on barbecuing, dinanche is a great way to give your preferred meat some unique flavors. Simply, season your meat and mix some dinanche in it for the best marinade. The longer you let it sit, the more depth of flavor your marinade will have. This is one way that you can make your barbecued meat stand out from the rest. Only using dinanche will also yield you a flavorful yet healthier option as you will be using significantly less sodium.

2. Coconut-based stews

Many CHamorus use dinanche in coconut based stews such as kadun pika, tinaktak, or even corn soup. If you’re looking for that extra kick in your soup, this is a unique way that you can try using dinanche. Coconut milk and spicy foods carry nutritional benefits as well. They are great antioxidants that improve your overall gut health and enhance metabolism.

3. Seafood dishes

Do seafood dishes taste a bit bland to you? Try throwing in some dinanche to make your seafood dish taste much better. Many have used dinanche to season poke, used as dipping sauce paired with fried fish, or even to just slather on top of some freshly grilled fish. Using it to enhance the flavors of your favorite seafood dish is an easy way to get the job done.

4. Sandwich Spread

Is your burger or sandwich missing something? Try adding some dinanche to it. It's a quick way to spice up your meal and make it much more flavorful. It may seem a bit weird, but it won’t be once you take that first bite. Just like the way mayonnaise is used as a spread, dinanche can be used the same way. You can mix your mayo with dinanche to make cheap, spicy aioli. Don’t forget to add a bit of dinanche the next time you make some hamburgers or sandwiches.

5. Dipping sauce

Aside from adding it to different dishes, the most popular way to use dinanche is as a dipping sauce. Many locals eat dinanche with pretty much any dish. Simply use it as a dipping sauce to give any dish a better taste. My favorite way of using dinanche as a dipping is for mango. Mango dipped in the dinanche bagoong is a sure way to be addicted to the many flavor profiles that this pepper paste can offer. This is a traditional way in most Filipino cultures where they eat unripened mangoes with bagoong, but the spice from the dinanche adds another layer of umami. spicy, sweet, and sour!

If you’re looking to spice up your food, don’t sleep on these quick and easy ways that you can use dinanche. Try our three different types of dinanche to see which you like better with our Local Jerk Sampler. Why worry about your food tasting bland when you can avoid that with some dinanche? It’s the best paste that you can find here in Guam. Dinanche is such a versatile condiment. Get creative and experiment with other ways that you can use it. 

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