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Local Jerk 671 | Island's best Dinache Products

Local Jerk 671 is a Guam-based Dinanche company that offers one of the highest quality Dinanche products here in Guam and around the globe. If you haven't tried their Dinanche products, you're in for a delicious treat!

One of the things customers appreciate and love about Local Jerk 671 is that they're not a one product company; they offer an interesting variety of products to try.

From having the strictest standards for quality assurance to providing one of the best tasting end products, Local Jerk 671 offers the following:

Local Jerk Dinanche

Starting with the classic, we have the all time favorite: Local Jerk Dinanche. This is a traditional Dinanche is a blend of locally grown Donne Sali, eggplant, wing beans and long beans combined with mushrooms, celery, onions and garlic cooked in coconut milk and crab paste. This Dinanche has the best flavors of Guam in every jar.

Dinanche Bagoong

Dinanche Bagoong has all the flavors of our Traditional Dinanchd recipe infused with a Philippine condiment known as Bagoong (fermented shrimp). It is tasty and perfect for eating with fresh mangos and pineapple or added to spice up your favorite soups.

Dinanche Grinds

Dinanche Grinds is made with blended locally grown Donne Sali, cooked with onions, garlic and lemon. This Dinanche is full of flavor and is perfect for marinades and is vegan friendly.

Dinanche Beef Jerky

Our Local Jerk beef jerky, made on Guam is marinaded in our Traditional Dinanche recipe for a spicy, flavorful tender jerky. Available in three flavors (Dinanche, Dinanche Mild, and Dinanche Mango).

Tuba Finadene

Finadene is a must have condiment at the dinner table here in Guam. Local Jerk's Tuba Finadene is a cocout vinegar mixed with onions, garlic, locally grown ginger and of course our locally grown Donne Sali. The perfect finadene for all your seafood or BBQ dishes.

Dinanche Jam

Local Jerk Dinanche Jams made with fresh fruits with a hint of spice. Eat this delicious sweet and spicy jam with crackers or combine with cream cheese on toast. You can even use as marinade, great for candied bacon. Available in Strawberry and Mango.

How can I purchase?

If you're looking to try Local Jerk's amazing Dinanche products or the first time or you're a repeat customer, you can purchase these from any one of their retail partners in Guam or simply order on their website if you're not based here in Guam.

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